Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Icy Eggs

We finally did ice painting! It was Easter and we needed to turn it into some kind of eggy activity so we decided to make icy eggs painting (the idea of freezing ice in the balloon came from Growing a Jeweled Rose blog, I think, but can't find exact post to link it). This is what our "final products" looked like:

The activity is quite simple: all you need is ice and some liquid paints, food colouring in our case.

Below are some pictures of the process: Alicia would paint icy egg, then water it down, then paint it again.

The paint was getting inside the cracks in the ice creating interesting colours. This is my favourite one: yellow colour was glowing from inside with blue colour on top. Very pretty!

Another piece of ice ...

Some sensory experience for our baby too (he is 8 months old here)