Friday, 8 November 2013

Number Machine

This week we made this awesome Number Machine!  First found this idea on Imagination Tree blog (love that blog by the way).

This is what ours looks like:

Alicia decided that her machine is "a house where numbers live" and decorated it with numbers.


You can do additions with this things, just need to set the number on each pipe and put that number of counters in each, then you have your total coming out in the bottom. Such a fun way to learn math!

                                         You can use hands or you can you use pincers to put the counters in. 


Little brother Mark had a play with it too.  He loved to put the balls in the pipes and see them coming out.



Accidentally, there was an orange on the table. Can it fit through? 

                                                            From thinking to action. Let's experiment!

                Ha-ha! It doesn't fit!  True happiness of self-discovery.