Thursday, 11 June 2015

Paper Towel Suncatchers

 Little brother wanted to paint, so I took out our supplies of watercolour paper, food colouring  and cotton-tip sticks and we sat together. 

After painting for a bit he remembered that in Easter time we used pipettes (eye droppers) with our food colouring to paint eggs. So he asked for them. 

He had fun for a while dropping food colouring on paper and "drinking the drops back" with pipettes, and while cleaning the table from extra drops with paper towels I thought of the following activity. It has been going around internet for a while,  I thought of trying it  and now was a perfect opportunity!

What he created looked beautiful, I lifted it up and held against the sun - vow! 

So we put it on the window.

 Then he wanted to make another one. 

Paper towel had red and blue circles as a pattern,
 so he decided to colour the circles a bit brighter :)

Then he added yellow, green and pink in between.

Very focused little men :)

Every single white space had to be coloured! :)

End result on the window  :) 

(we let it dry a little)