Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Lorax play

Alicia brought Lorax book from her school library. She loved the book and we watched "Lorax" movies (both old and new) a few times, actually. Then we decided to make some Truffula trees - I remember seeing this on In Lieu of Preschool blog and I thought she'd like the idea. She loved it! We actually didn't paint the tree fluff - just used some craft wool I got on sale a few months ago. It came in a few different colours.  Alicia glued the fluff to the craft sticks and we stood them up in a box of rice. We also made Barbaloots and Lorax himself from felt and pompoms and Once-ler was one of the HappyLand characters (he actually looked a bit like Once-ler from a movie!).
Alicia loved acting on characters while I was reading that book. (My English is not that great so it was a bit of a challenge for me).

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