Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Coloured water play: drinks for "friends"

Today we decided to make some coloured "juice" for toy animals. I bought some rainbow food colouring and flavouring essences (orange, coconut, strawberry).
In the morning I set up a tray with all things we need: a few short glasses, toy teapot with clear water, food colouring, flavouring essences and also some toy spoons (Alicia wanted them in the short glasses). We also set up a "table" for toy animals - just a large wooden board we had.

First Alicia poured water from the teapot to short glasses. She has already learned how to do that so that water doesn't overflow: "poor and stop" concept I showed her before . I leave for her jugs with water, diluted juice and milk in the fridge which she can poor for herself any time she likes, so she became quite good in pouring lately.

Then she picked the food colouring that she wanted to use: one colour for each short glass. I instructed her to point little bottle with food colouring  down into the glass first before squeezing - to prevent it squirting out to the walls and making mess. She was concentrating so well and did not make any mess at all!

 After colour was done we scented the "drinks" with flavouring essences. I wanted her to use eye droplets for this activity, however I didn't get a chance to buy them, so I helped her adding scents to each glass - she only had to pick which goes where. Then she put a small spoon in each glass and gave the drinks to her stuffed animals - she calls them "friends".

 She had a couple of small spills, but carefully cleaned them with a paper towel.

And then cleaned the table. 

While leaving her animals to "finish drinking juice", she went to preschool and when she came back in the afternoon we continued playing. 

I also got her to smell the glasses and guess what flavour was there: orange, strawberry or coconut? She did guess a few right! (She's smelling the glasses here, not drinking :))

And here cleaning up all the drops again. Surprisingly there were not many!

Then there was time to put toys away and clean up all the glasses. However she wanted to do some more pouring. So I gave her some plastic jars and funnels. She had fun with mixing colours:  "Look mama, adding blue to yellow makes green!"

Then she wanted to sort water by colour: green and blue went to big jar and red went to a smaller jar.

Then she wanted to put "juice" back to short glasses and then to the jars again, and again! 

Then it was time to clean up. I let her wash all the dishes herself and she actually enjoyed the process. 

Then it was time to dry them with a towel. Although not much drying actually happened, she did try very hard!

She did end up going to bed quite let that afternoon (although it is winter in Australia and gets dark pretty early - so not as late as it looks!), and it was rather tiring activity for me to supervise, but we both had a great day. Alicia liked this activity so much so we repeated it to some extend in the next two days.

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