Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Garden Sensory Bin

I made this garden sensory bin for Alicia. It was easy to make as I found so many toy and craft garden creatures in dollar shops (ladybugs, butterflies, frogs, lizards, spiders, flies, centipedes, dragonflies, grasshoppers, etc.). I used green coloured rice for filling which represents grass, some fabric leaves and flowers, fake rocks, green pompoms, mini garden bucket and spade, toy toadstool mushroom and coloured glass stones. This play box turned out quite colourful.

Alicia loves treasure hunt games so she loved to discover the creatures that were in the box.  Frogs are her favourites, so she started with them. 

A: "This frog has black legs. Why?" (Good observation!)
Me: "Hm ... I don't know ... we need to google it". (Later on we googled it together to find out that frogs with black legs and bright colours are poisonous and the colours are there to warn predators). 

Then she wanted to put all her "findings" on the trays (she loves playing with them). 

Interesting ladybugs arrangement here: mama ladybug (big), papa (a smaller one - lol) and their babies!

Discovering more things. She loved green sparkly pompoms and called them "koluchki" in Russian (English translation would be something like "spikes").

Then we counted everything we found and also did some writing/reading activities (in Russian). I wrote  words on a laminated strip of paper (leftovers from various cards we make) with a permanent marker while she was watching and get her to name the letters. Then I read out loud the word I wrote and get her to match it with the object it represents.

Next on our plan is to create some activities on each on garden creatures to get Alicia familiar with their life.

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