Wednesday, 13 June 2012

So many rainbows!

Since out theme for the last few weeks was "weather" we made more rainbows.

Painted Paper Rainbow

I cut out rainbow semi-circles of different sizes and Alicia painted them in the colours of rainbow:

We left them out to dry to put them together into a rainbow next day, but she didn't want to do it. So I organized the pieces on the white mat this way to get her interested when she gets back from preschool:

Then she got interested and started glueing rainbow piece by piece. We coloured rainbows with her before and she also has wooden rainbow toy, so she knows the sequence of colours quite well. So I left the rest up to her - only helped straighten pieces up a couple of times.

Play Dough Rainbow

We actually made 2 types of rainbow using play dough: the one with pipe cleaners stuck in play dough and rainbow from actual play dough.
I've borrowed the idea of pipe cleaners rainbow from one of the blogs (It was either "Learning 4 Kids" or some other blog - I'm sorry I can't remember now - please let me know if that was your original idea and I'll put up a link). We stuck pipe cleaners' ends to play dough and added cotton balls as clouds. I was helping Alicia actively in this process as our play dough was rather old and not very soft any more, so I didn't take pictures in the process, only end result can be seen on the pictures to follow.
Then we moved on to make a rainbow from actual play dough. I bought a "party pack" set on sale for very cheap price before and it finally found its use. All I did was opening the containers for Alicia - they were quite tough, the rest she did herself. Here are the photos of her work:

Then she wanted to cut it up and make "dessert" for her toy "friends".


Rainbow Sugar Tray

This activity I saw on Learning 4 Kids blog and I thought it would be great for our "rainbow" theme. Only I didn't make rainbow paper myself, I bought it from dollar store and also used sugar instead of salt (we didn't have a lot of salt in the house that moment). Alicia got excited with this activity: 

Then she tried to draw a rainbow, although up side down by some reason. 

 She was drawing circles and some other things.

Then it was time to clean up the mess! She vacuumed the floor under the table as well (I didn't take a picture). 

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  1. Hi Tatiana,
    I love all your photos and rainbow theme activities! I am really keen to try the paper plate rainbow with my kids! :)
    Thank you so much for linking up to my blog! x