Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hand-washing dolls' clothes - practical life skills.

We borrowed Lego doll set from toy library, It is an awesome set with 4 big dolls hat come with clothes and linen. The only problem, the clothes was a bit too filthy to play with.

So I asked Alicia whether she wanted to wash dolls' clothes by herself. She got excited with the idea and started to put it into the washing machine (she loves helping me with doing  laundry)  However there was not enough dirty clothes for the load at the moment, so I suggested we wash them by hand in the basin. Alicia got excited: we did some treasure hunt activities in soapy water before and she liked it.

 We begun with soaking dirty dolls' clothes in the soapy water. She actually enjoyed playing with wet clothes and finding pieces of clothes among the detergent bubbles: "Look mama, I found a dress and it is so wet and soapy! Is it clean yet?"

Then we rinsed the clothes in the laundry sink. It was quite entertaining for A to fish out pieces of clothes from the water and squeeze the water out.

Then we put it out to dry - great peg activity here. 

Alicia liked playing with pegs so much so next day she decided to make pegs "grass" with no linen at all :)

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